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Lakme, British Airways Theme Tune (1 Page)

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Lakme, British Airways Theme Tune (1 Page)
Price: £1.50

British Airways Theme Tune (Lakme) op.333 (March 1984)

Music for a TV advertising film, the launch of the famous duet from Lakme.


Commissioned by: Saatchi and Saatchi

Instrumentation: 2 sopranos and orch.

First Performance: Recorded CTS March 31 1984, Elaine Barry and Judith Pearce (sopranos) and orchestra conducted by Howard Blake

The director Tony Scott had been introduced to this duet for two sopranos by Howard, who then recorded it with his own orchestra for Tony's feature film 'The Hunger' in 1982. The song comes from the opera 'Lakme' by Leo Delibes (1883) and is called 'Viens Mallika'.

Two years later Tony asked Howard if the track could be adapted for a TV commercial for British Airways (titled 'Wider Seats'). He used the same sopranos and orchestra but adapted it to fit the famous shot of a 747's shadow climbing the Empire State Building. Innumerable re-arrangements followed over a period of more than 20 years.

Price: £1.50